The Agenda

AIM Platform

Although a movement of independents cannot be committed as a body to detailed policies there are basic concepts which will guide their approach to issues and help determine which ones should be of priority. These concepts embrace:

(a)    A vision of the kind of society we want fifty years from now – economically, environmentally, socially, culturally;
(b)    The encouragement of participation in the political process by the ‘silent majority’;
(c)    The encouragement of democratic processes in Parliament, seeking not to block legislation, but to enhance it;
(d)    The issues of conscience – such as Aboriginal reconciliation – which influence the moral and spiritual fabric of our nation;
(e)    The support for legislation that promotes the greater stability and enriched quality of the family unit;
(f)    The support for legislation that confronts current injustices and corruption;
(g)    A responsible role in world affairs, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, seeking involvement at the grassroots level;
(h)    The support for policies which enhance the sense of national identity and belonging especially amongst the young;
(i)    The affirmation of every person’s right to food, shelter, and meaningful work;
(j)    The encouragement of each individual’s sense of responsibility at all levels, creating structures that are open and inclusive so creative input can be made by the formerly disenfranchised;
(k)    The encouragement of grassroots solutions to local and national problems and the avoidance of legislating solutions wherever possible;
(l)    The drawing on expertise of those outside politics, acknowledging the inability of any parliamentarian to be competent in more than a few policy areas.

The Five Tests

All policy will be screened according to the following five tests:

  • Does the process have integrity?
  • Is it fair?
  • Is it sustainable?
  • Have the underlying historical injustices been addressed?
  • Does it build community?

AIM Guidelines

In addition to the above the AIM will, in each policy area, compile guidelines for future directions. These position papers will be formed by contributions from the membership and other interested persons through web forums.

Such guidelines will not represent fixed policies. However Members of Parliament will refer to such guidelines in reference to all issues before Parliament.