The Candidates


Any member will be eligible to stand as a candidate. A candidate’s nomination will be accompanied by the signatures of ten other members. Candidates will be selected by ballot by the membership. Every member is eligible to vote. Each member has one vote only, and the candidates are elected ‘first past the post’.

The Member of Parliament

The following points offer the framework of accountability within which the selected member will operate whilst in Parliament.

Framework of Accountability

Members of Parliament:

(a)    will act with integrity in all matters, public and private;
(b)    are free to vote according to their own informed conscience, but not against the spirit of the AIM constitution and the five tests;
(c)    will seek to be informed on all issues before the Parliament;
(d)    will seek out expertise from within the membership, and from the general public, whatever their background or view;
(e)    will keep the membership informed of issues before the Parliament;
(f)    will seek to work as a team with other AIM Members of Parliament;
(g)    will endeavour to seek solutions outside the Parliament wherever possible;
(h)    will be prepared to act as a spokesperson for the basic aims and philosophy of the AIM in whatever forums are open;

Causes for Dismissal

Any members of Parliament who are disenfranchised of A.I.M. support should then resign. All AIM parliamentary candidates will be required to make a written undertaking to this effect.

Grounds for such disenfranchising must relate to one or both of the following:

(j)    a refusal to work within the above ‘framework of accountability’;
(k)    voting against the spirit of the AIM constitution and the five tests.