The Strategy

In the community

The strategy in the community is to use the internet to discuss and encourage initiative in the various policy areas, as well as forward recommendations to the Parliamentary representative. Implicit in this strategy is the acknowledgement that the integrity and stability of our democracy resides in the awareness and involvement by ordinary Australians in the political process.

This proposal is part and parcel of the AIM way of working. Initially discussion will be promoted by a series of open forums on the web where guidelines for all policy areas will be compiled. All members and others who are interested will be invited to participate and share their vision and concerns, and practical suggestions for the way forward. This represents a radical shift in political culture, which ideally should be replicated by all parties, and generally across the nation.

This process will continue after the election of Members of Parliament. Individuals and groups who continue to discuss and comment on policy areas will be a feature of the AIM.  This strategy is reflected in the AIM mottos:

  • Democracy starts with me
  • The power of one
  • It is not who is best, but what is best.

For election

No sponsorship will be sought or accepted. The AIM at all times will remain completely independent of any ties to any organization or institution or individual for any reason. Donations will be accepted with this principle always in mind. The strategy for election is grassroots, and has two components. The first is local and the second is State and nation-wide.

(i)    Local

Locally, any AIM member, but primarily the candidate, will seek to inform his/her local area. This may take the form of letter-box drops, door-to-door campaigning, local meetings and/or using the local media. Any member may do this since such actions will benefit the person who is standing. In such ways the election of any A.I.M. independent will always be a team effort.

(ii)    State-wide

Australia-wide the grassroots element is again important. The focus for a less intensive broader campaign would be the local media – newspapers and radio and internet. The attempts to work locally is consistent with AIM philosophy, and presents a new vision for local media and the web in politics.