Cabin Spacey: potential alternative urban housing

German ingenuity from Berlin using prefab cabins on apartment building rooftops or other unused space. Cabins are 20 sqm. They hope to price them below 100k Euro or approx $150k AUD

Minimalism a documentary Whilst the documentary will screen later this month in the US it will be available online in early August worldwide. I believe it will have a similar impact to the Economics of Happiness and the review here puts it in the same air as An Inconvenient Truth.

Dignity Village Portland Oregon

Homeless people helping themselves once the local city council realised it was pointless to continually move them away from under the local bridges. The article details how they built their own tiny houses and now have a community kitchen and bathroom facilities along with internet and power.

Noel Pearson’s call for the radical centre in Australian politics

He describes himself as a radical centrist and believes Xenophon is the closest in the current parliament. He also thinks Tim Costello and Natasha Spott-Despoja would also sit there.