Noel Pearson’s call for the radical centre in Australian politics

He describes himself as a radical centrist and believes Xenophon is the closest in the current parliament. He also thinks Tim Costello and Natasha Spott-Despoja would also sit there.

Burma on the road to democracy Aung Sun Suu Kyi has won a seat in the country’s parliament and her party has won 44 of 45 constituencies in the same election. Official results may take a week to confirm and maybe according to international observers their seems to be no or limited vote rigging compared to past elections.

Position vacant Australian PM advertised on job website Australian humour at it’s best. Someone posted a phoney ad on Best resolution is for a 3rd candidate either Tony Burke or Craig Emerson. Still they have to be willing to stand.

Indigenous recognition in Constitution There is need for more than just Constitutional recognition of Aborigines & Torres Strait Islanders but for removal of racial discrimination from it as well according to this article. Whilst James Allan warns against going too far as of the risk of how people in the future particularly those on the High Court may interpret the anti discrimination proposal.