Former Senator Vanstone rallies against Independents & minor parties

Whilst she does make a few valid points in relation to the Senate preference lottery & concedes that there have been a few with common sense whilst encouraging contact with politicians on a regular basis between elections if you have matters of concern it is basically a rejection.

Australia’s political divisions exposed in new poll Roughly one third Coalition, one third ALP, one third minor parties & Independents. If this trend continues how much impact will it have on the House of Reps at the next election. The Senate has been this way since the Australian Democrats began. Over the years it has only been in certain seats where an Independent candidate has a strong local following or a minor party is the compromise like the Greens in the seat of Melbourne.

Electronic voting breakthrough could change polling day! These young Perth entrepreneurs may have cracked the necessary security needed for an electronic voting system to work properly. I think a hybrid system would be needed for up to two decades as older voters tend not to be as savvy with technology. If combined with a community focus then schools & churches can still hold fetes on election day.