Landmark precedent for the Tiny House on Wheels

Some excellent developments for the future of Tiny Houses on Wheels in Australia following this decision by Brisbane City Council.


The decision

This week the Queensland Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committee (the Committee) established to hear the appeal against the enforcement notice issued by the Brisbane City Council (BCC) to the owners of the Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) “formed the view that the THOW does not constitute building works as defined under the Building Act and accordingly the Enforcement Notice issued by the Council should be set aside”.

What does this mean?

A little bit of history first.

Prior to installation, the THOW owners sought advice from BCC regarding the legitimacy of setting up a THOW in someone’s backyard. The advice received confirmed that living in a caravan in a backyard in Brisbane is legal provided that no public nuisance is caused and the occupant/s have appropriate access to toilet and refuse disposal facilities. The THOW was subsequently positioned at the rear of a long narrow lot with an…

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