Democracy in action websites

The future is already happening, usually below the media radar. The groups below, recommended by AIM members, all have an established track record of making a difference at the grassroots level. However their listing does not imply endorsement by them of AIM. Nor does AIM necessarily endorse everything in these sites. Take what you like and leave the rest!

Save Our Suburbs (NSW) Inc  is a non-profit & non-aligned group of residents, opposing forced rezoning and over-development of Sydney’s Western suburbs. They promote sustainable living to protect the planet.  is a powerful tool for creating petitions.

Myall Creek Massacre Memorial   “The path to our future passes through its past”  An ongoing grassroots reconciliation initiative telling of our shared history as a nation.

Ryde Community Alliance   Local community action group.

Starfish Enterprises is a growing network of community entrepreneurs collaborating to contribute to the global transition for sustainability by enabling social change in rural and regional areas throughout Australia and beyond.

Avaaz empowers millions of people from all walks of life to take action on pressing global, regional and national isues, from corruption and poverty to conflict and climate change.

Animals Australia   Animals Australia works for animal protection. Australian Story profiled the life journey of Campaign Director, Lyn White.

The Sydney Alliance brings together diverse community organisations, unions and religious organisations to advance the common good and achieve a fair, just and sustainable city by providing opportunities for people to have a say in decisions that affect them, their families and everyone working and living in Sydney. It is a non-party political organisation.

Get Up is an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation. Get Up does not back any political party and aims to build an Australia which values economic fairmess, social justice and environmental sustainability at its core.

Renewal Arts is an international network of artists and those passionate about the arts from different disciplines, cultures and beliefs who share the conviction that the different forms of art can be positive and powerful forces for changing one’s personal life, one’s environment and the wider world.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition are building a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis. Co-founder Anna Rose featured on Q&A.

Permaculture Sydney North  is a network of passionate and active people who care about big picture problems, and who are taking action at the local level through projects, education and advocacy.

The Mulloon Institute are passionate about finding and promoting leadership solutions that will create an abundant, secure and nutritious food supply for future generations through regenerative agriculture.

Just Australia  works together with prominent Australians and community groups and thousands of concerned individuals to achieve just and compassionate treatment of refugees.

Concerned Australians ‘without justice there can be no reconciliation’. A call on the Government to abandon the Strong Futures legislation and set up an appropriate and agreed mechanism to enable the Elders and Aboriginal Leaders of the Northern Territory to participate on equal terms in decision making relating to their future.

TEAR Australia work in partnership with other Christian groups, including churches, relief and development agencies and community-based organisations, which are working with the poor in their communities.

Social Innovation Sydney is the brain-child of three women who wanted to help bring change makers and local activists together to share ideas and translate those ideas to action.

St James Ethics Centre is a centre for applied ethics serving as an independent reference point in the ethical landscape to encourage and assist individuals and organisations to include the ethical dimension in their daily lives, so people have the capacity to do the right thing. St James Ethics Centre has no political or religious affiliations.

Make Poverty History Campaign In 2000 all 191 member countries of the United Nations – including Australia – committed to eight targets to halve poverty by 2015. This unprecedented global plan is a crucial step towards making poverty history. However with just 5 years to go until 2015 progress is too slow.

Clean Election Campaigns. Democracy is our best defense against corrupt power. But it cannot be taken for granted and needs constant maintenance.

Crikey sees its role as part of the so-called fourth estate that acts as a vital check and balance on the activities of government, the political system and the judiciary. In addition, Crikey believes the performance and activities of business, the media, PR and other important sectors are worthy of public scrutiny.

Connections Uniting Care is a community organisation with a long and proud history of supporting marginalised and disadvantaged children, young people and families.

Tacking Climate Change An Australian initiative.