Australian Independents Movement

5 Tests for Integrity

Historic result in NT 2016 campaign on Treaty

Australian Independents Movement    AIM for ...

political integrity 

– redefining the purpose of politics. seeks a political process that has integrity, is sustainable, is fair to all, deals with historical injustice and encourages community – the five key challenges facing Australia, and five ‘tests’ needed for all legislation.

grassroots democracy

– redefining the nature of power in politics. Democracy is more than Canberra. Democracy is all of us. Democracy ‘starts with me’ – the power of one in community to make a difference.

thinking adequate to the challenges

– redefining the parameters of political debate.  Government versus the ‘Opposition’, left versus right, ‘free market’ versus ‘planned’ – rather the real context for debate is a sustainable future for our children.

the Senate as a genuine House of Review

– redefining the position of the Upper Houses in the political process.  The Senate was never meant to be a rubber stamp for the party in power. The Senate should operate above party politics, as an independent house of review.

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Five Challenges facing Australia and Five Tests for all legislation:

Integrity in the political process

…the challenge of loss of confidence

A sustainable future

…the challenge of policy short-termism

A truly fair society

…the challenge of wealth-shift

Addressing historical injustices

…the challenge of denial

Creating community

…the challenge of narrow self-interest