Former Senator Vanstone rallies against Independents & minor parties

Whilst she does make a few valid points in relation to the Senate preference lottery & concedes that there have been a few with common sense whilst encouraging contact with politicians on a regular basis between elections if you have matters of concern it is basically a rejection.

The story behind one of the more innovative tiny houses Kasita

Inspiration can be found in a wide variety of situations. This American example started in one of the smallest places a 33 sq ft dumpster. It is now one of the better examples of Tiny House design around.

The rise of micro lots!

This is a new development in WA but apparently is happening in QLD & elsewhere. The price of land is still relatively expensive but if planned well can help first home buyers who prefer lower maintenance with nearby facilities like parks etc.

Why Tiny Houses are an important part of the housing mix

This TEDx talk was recorded last March in Brisbane. Lara Nobel along with her partner Andrew Carter are the founders of the Tiny House Company & here she explains why they went along this path. They both come from an architectural background. Lara actually quit her architecture career to do a carpentry apprenticeship which she also completed last year with a Queensland Apprentice of the Year award. They have also had a legal victory with Brisbane City Council over the definition of their Tiny House which occurred in early November just after their daughter Charlie was born. The video is 10 minutes long.